About us

My name is Leana Knight and I am the founder and Director of the family run business; Goodknight Property Management Ltd.

My why

I have two beautiful daughters under the age of 5 and a wonderful husband! They are my inspiration. Soon after I had my first daughter, I began questioning my own self-worth. Would my daughters be proud of me? How could I inspire them? What legacy would I leave behind for them? With my years of experience working in various roles within the property industry and my personal goals in mind, I started attending multiple property training and investment courses and building my professional network.


From my training and experience, I discovered a gap in the market for offering specialist HMO management services to Landlords and Agents. One service in particular offers the twin advantages of guaranteed income and no effort for the Landlord or Agent. We take on the effort; the bills, the voids, the maintenance and we even give the property a spruce up if needed! Then we let it to working professionals. The Landlord and/or Agent is happy because they have guaranteed income without any of the effort that renting a property normally involves. We take on all the effort and risk of managing the property. It’s a win-win!


We help landlords by managing and investing our time and our money in their properties on a long-term basis. We take care of their properties, provide peace of mind and add value. We take the stress out of being a landlord.


Our Partners

If you are considering selling your property, we would love the opportunity to buy it from you.