What we do for you

We will rent your property from you on a business lease and you will get the following in return…

No hassle

We become completely responsible for the management of the property, with all the risks involved.

We advertise for, interview and conduct viewings with prospective Tenants. We make sure they’re working professionals and a good fit for the household.

We arrange all the paperwork; contracts, Tenant references, tenancy agreements, inventories, gas safety certificates etc.

The Tenants ring us, instead of you, with their maintenance and tenancy issues.

Guaranteed rent

You get guaranteed rent every month for between 3 to 7 years, even if the house/room is empty or a Tenant refuses to pay. So you don’t have to worry about void periods.

All rent arrears and court costs are covered by us.

Our guarantees are on a long-term basis to ensure we offer the best value service to our Landlords, Tenants and Partners.

We decorate

We add value to your property by carrying out a light refurbishment at the start of the term, at our own cost. This also allows us to attract higher quality Tenants.

Rooms are furnished to a high standard and great care is taken of your property as a whole.  Wear and tear of any furniture is also taken care of by us.

No maintenance

Small repairs and maintenance costs are included, and we can do large projects for you at an agreed low cost. (general maintenance excludes structural issues)

We also provide regular gardening and cleaning services of the communal areas of your property, at no cost to you.  This includes window cleaning.


We conduct fortnightly house inspections and comply with local and national HMO housing rules & regulations.

You are more than welcome to join us on our inspections.  We will give you regular inspection reports which will include pictures. We take our legal obligations and the health & safety of our Tenants and properties very seriously.

No bills

Don’t worry, we’ll pay for that…

Utilities and council tax are paid by us so you won’t be left with unpaid bills.  These include high speed broadband and TV packages for our quality working professionals.

With all this included, we are still able to pay you up to, or even over, the market rent for a single let property.

What does the landlord need to do?

  • Hmo licence

  • It is the property Owners responsibility to obtain and maintain a license allowing the property to be operated as a house in multiple occupation, as well as applying for and complying with local planning regulation, if required. We can offer our guidance and financial assistance with this process if needed.

  • Fire protection

  • The property Owner will retain all responsibility for maintaining and servicing all fire protection equipment and alarms. We will of course, be happy to assist in organising annual fire safety inspections and any work that subsequently may need to be done. We do test the fire alarms and emergency lights on a fortnightly basis.
  • Insurance

  • The property Owner will have comprehensive buildings and contents insurance that will cover full reinstatement value of the property.

  • Mortgage

  • If the property is subject to a Mortgage the Owner will need to obtain the consent of the Mortgage company to let the property. The Owner will continue to pay the Mortgage Payments.

Let’s have a chat over coffee, and see if this is the right solution for you.